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Experience the convenience of the Deep Fryer by Classic Cuisine, designed to quickly cook two delicious foods at once. Crafted from stainless steel, this electric deep fryer effortlessly saves time by allowing you to prepare your favorite fried chicken recipe in one basket while crisping up french fries in the other. Equipped with oil filtration technology, it features dual indicator lights to signal when the cooker is on and when the oil has reached the desired temperature.

CONVENIENT ELECTRIC DEEP FRYER: This electric deep fryer with 3 baskets boasts a 4-liter capacity, a see-through lid, and double odor filter technology for hassle-free cooking.

3 FRYER BASKETS: With two deep fryer baskets, you can quickly cook two different foods simultaneously or use the large deep fry basket to prepare a single hearty meal.

COOL TOUCH FEATURES: The user-friendly touch features ensure safe handling, allowing you to use it as a chicken fryer, fish fryer, french fries fryer, or to prepare fried shrimp.

EASY TO USE: This electric deep fryer comes with a frying guide and 3 deep fry baskets, making it easy to get started on your favorite recipes while monitoring temperatures effortlessly.


DIMENSIONS: (L) 12.5" x (W) 16" x (H) 9"; Large Basket: (L) 8.5" x (W) 10.75" x (H) 3"; Small Basket: (L) 8" x (W) 5.25" x (H) 3"; Cord Length: 33".

COLOR: Silver.


    Stainless-Steel Electric Deep Fryer with 4-Liter Capacity and 3 Baskets

    SKU: 200007763:201336106

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